Safety and Security

Our Security, At a Glance

  • SEC Certified
  • Surveillance Systems – Our school is equipped with state of the art surveillance cameras in or classrooms, entrances, exits, outdoor space and surrounding areas.
  • Parent Live Video Monitoring – Watch your child in “real time” in their classroom.
  • Fingerprint Technology Pick Up & Drop Off – With this technology, it ensures that only authorized parents or guardians are able to access their child.
  • Key Fob/Security Code Entry – Ensures on authorized parents or guardians gain access to the school
  • Germ Sanitizing Machines – Effective at killing 99.9% of germs and viruses to reduce illness
  • Playground Safety – Equipped with perimeter fencing, specialized padding, and land line access, cell access, and intercom system.
  • Safety Drills – Fire and lock down drills are practiced regularly.
  • Staff Training – Safety procedures and drills are reviewed weekly. Staff are certified in CPR, First Aide, and are AED trained and certified.
  • Staff Screening – All staff members are finger printed with background checks completed.
  • Visitor Access – Picture ID’s and name tags are mandatory upon entrance in to the school.
Hudson Sprouts SEC Checklist

Secure Education Consultants (SEC) is comprised of former US Secret Service Agents using their security and protection expertise to help schools take safety and security to the highest level possible.

SEC Certified 2017

The SEC team specializes in analyzing facilities, developing Emergency Preparedness Plans, and preparing faculty and staff to appropriately confront emergencies of all kinds. Our motto is, “Nothing is more important than the safety of our children.”

  • S – Site Assessment: This assessment identifies any gaps in physical or procedural security and preparedness, and offer solutions to mitigate any vulnerabilities.
  • E – Emergency Preparedness Plan: SEC consultants will build a customized and comprehensive plan, detailing procedures for emergencies like Evacuation, Shelter in Place, Lock Out, Lock Down and Reunification. SEC’s plans exceed any requirements for planning based on State Law or Licensing.
  • C – Critical Incident Training: A plan is only as good as the people implementing it. SEC conducts an in depth training with staff covering key elements of the emergency preparedness plan. The training also covers other emergency response related topics such as; physiological response, threat assessment, prevention strategies, and targeted violence attacks.
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