0 – 18 Months

Our caregivers provide a warm and inviting environment for your child. In our infant program, our caregivers encourage developmental milestones to provide your child with the tools needed to continue to grow and flourish. We provide age appropriate materials to help your child develop to their fullest potential all while having fun. During these critical early learning years of growth, we make the most out of their time while at Hudson Sprouts Academy.

We focus on different areas for the child including, health and safety, independence, social interaction, and freedom of movement. While focusing on these areas in the classroom, we also like to develop a healthy communication between the caregiver and parent, provide individual lessons for the child to focus on different areas of development, and build a relationship of love, respect, and security with each child. Combining all of these focal points allows us to create a healthy and loving space for your child at Hudson Sprouts Academy.

Hudson Sprouts Infants Program
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